Charles Laverty and friend at Nuzuna ZOne Fitness Costa Mesa

Charles Laverty Overview

My name is Charles Laverty and my career has been focused on medical innovation and healthcare. I founded Nuzuna Zone Fitness because I believe that obesity, coronary disease, sedentary lifestyles and other major causes of healthcare inflation all need innovative solutions. Nuzuna's electro muscular stimulation can be a big part of increasing the effectiveness of fitness and in encouraging people to stay more active.

I am passionate about healthcare policy, wellness and creating great organizations. My vision is that we deliver innovative, technology leading solutions to address society's challenges. I will be writing a lot here about what we are doing with Nuzuna Zone Fitness and why I have committed to its vision.

My Background

I started off planning to be an educator. Those lessons have served me well in business and leading diverse teams across industries. Before founding Nuzuna Zone Fitness I was the CEO of ABS in Southern California.

My passion remains public health. In addition to coronary disease and health and wellness related diseases including obesity, I write a lot about public policy on health care. I was an active commentator on Obama Administration's Affordable Care Act but also, more recently, on so-called Medicare-For-All, which I oppose.

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