California is Still Good For Business, In spite of Itself

Charles Laverty on California Business Climate
Charles Laverty believes California is harming it's Business Climate.

I wrote in detail last year on how California continues to work to undermine the world's best business climate.

Little has changed in that time except I remain impressed with how resilient our state really is. California has produced and unprecedented level of value and innovation in the last hundred years and continues to have amazing business clusters and Universities.

Unfortunately, this won't last forever and the state is lowing it's edge to Texas and arguably to oversees locations.

California's greatest strength is still its great weakness. Our people are creative and innovative but also easily demagogued and fooled. There are costs to everything we do, from increased business regulation (and outright hostility) to climate, education and healthcare laws.

Like an eroding beach it can be hard to see what you lose each day, but over the long run I remain convinced our greatest state is on the wrong path.