Californians Losing Money and Losing Patience

Today is the first day of May and Americans from coast to coast are growing tired of lockdowns and restrictions. From trillions of dollars of new Federal and state debt to the enormous impact on tens of millions of regular people, the chorus is growing that it is time to get back to work.

From the Michigan statehouse to streets of Modoc, here in California, people are rising up to shout “enough!” We sacrificed because we were told that the pandemic would wash across the entire country and 30 million people sacrificed their jobs because they were told it would save lives.

The fact is that talking heads and political opportunists and strategists have always had an incentive to maximize the fear and to suppress discussion about the best way to manage the risks of COVID-19. Yet, over and over again, calls rung out to apply the same heavy handed measures to Main Street as were applied in Manhattan.

The hospital ship Comfort is gone. The Javits Center and The Comfort added 2,000 beds but only 100 had to be used. There are many more signs that the lockdown response is being driven by overaction and misplaced resources not just in NYC, but by most U.S. Governors.

Modoc, California doesn’t want to admit they are in open rebellion against the State. But the fact is that county is opening against the orders of Governor Newsom. Modoc never got Coronavirus. It is time to open the doors for them and for all Californians to resume and rebuild their lives.