Entrepreneurs Have a Special Energy

I have had the privilege of leading some very large organizations and that offers some great experiences. These include the impact and reach of your actions. I have also been lucky to work with amazing people in these companies.

But, I also have been able to work as an entrepreneur. My experiences with Nuzuna illustrate why I recommend all people consider entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is more than starting a business, it is about turning problems into real solutions and along the way there are huge obstacles and challenges that will make you learn all about yourself.

You have to have immense self confidence, which is really hard when you are tackling big problems and attempting really novel solutions. But, building a solution, building a team and gaining momentum is a uniquely rewarding challenge.

You never really ‘leave work’ at the end of the day. So, entrepreneurship is like sprinting, sometimes for years. And the most successful startup leaders are great, first and foremost, at finding that inner flame to keep them pushing through countless delays and obstacles.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. But, I think all people should take stock of themselves and their passions and consider if it right for them.

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