The Fitness Industry is Failing People

As I wrote in my op-ed on USA Herald this week, the fitness industry is failing ordinary people for a number of reasons, particularly because it is catering to those with lofty physical goals. Ordinary individuals don’t sleep, breathe and eat exercise. If it doesn’t fit into their daily lives, they don’t want to do it.

Many of the messages fitness companies propagate talk about having “ripped abs” or “the perfect body.” The message is often supported by shirtless young people showing off their six-pack abs. Telling people you’ll get them in shape seems to be working better than actually getting them in shape.

Selling the quick fix takes away from the constant effort and discipline necessary to become healthy and fit. Instead of encouraging people to stick to a program and persevere, they believe they will achieve results overnight and become disillusioned when they don’t.

Most ordinary people don’t want to go to a gym that advertises “pain is weakness leaving the body.” Someone who is apprehensive about attending a gym will run in the opposite direction at the idea of pain. When exercise is seen as a painful thing, instead of an endorphin-releasing, pleasurable experience, people dread it. They want exercise that benefits them in their daily lives and adds to their quality of life, such as helping them to perform better when they go hiking, but they don’t want it to be an “all-or-nothing affair.

With so many overweight people, strength training isn’t the most important thing, although it has a place in a well-rounded training plan. What is most important is to get moving for extended periods of time. Fortunately, technological advances, such as the Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) suits we use at Nuzuna Zone Fitness. Our wireless EMS suits enable muscles to be targeted directly while doing workouts, to achieve in only 20 minutes what it would normally take two hours or more. For training to be successful, it has to fit into people’s lifestyles and offer real measurable benefits.

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