What Happened To My Freetime?

Like many business leaders, the lockdown has not resulted in more free time. Nuzuna Fitness was undergoing a major expansion at the time of the lockdown here in California, as we expanded into several states and increased the number of locations and trainers who have switched to the Nuzuna Fitness System.

Our community of 86 employees and thousands of our clients have really responded to the COVID-19 lockdown in highly inspiring ways. We pivoted to supporting our community with online fitness offerings. We had to adjust many initiatives but have still been able to keep innovating and moving forward. Still, there is great hardship and sacrifice being made every day and we look forward to safely reopening our fitness centers as soon as possible.

In the meantime, freetime has not gotten any easier to find. So, I am committing to making time for thinking about the future of fitness and growing the Nuzuna Fitness community. I also plan to start writing again, which has always been a great tool for me to think about important issues.

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