Nuzuna EMS Suit

Nuzuna Zone Fitness' EMS Suit. An EMS suite uses electro muscular stimulation to automatically stimulate your muscles while you exercise.

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Grand Opening August 15th

We are planning studios across the country starting with our Costa Mesa flagship which opens this week. NZF looks to make exercise more effective. We believe our approach yields the same benefits in a 20 minute workout as a two to three hour workout and that will encourage better fitness and health.

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EMS Suits On The Beach

EMS can be a part of most kinds of workout and are not just limited to use in a studio. Read more about EMS enhanced fitness on the Nuzuna website.

The goal is to increase the rewards from working out, not simply tell people to work out longer and harder. When people get increased value from something, they are more likely to do it more. In this case, to work out more.

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