Time is up. With hundreds of thousands of small businesses already permanently lost and tens of millions more headed that direction, we can no longer play politics as usual. No more election-year peacocking and grandstanding and no more pork-barrel, special interest bargaining. We are on the edge of an economic precipice and it is time for unity and action.

As I write this it is August 9, 2020 and American is effectively still closed down. We are in the middle of the sixth month with no end in sight and no federal support. How are we supposed to survive?

Our politicians should be ashamed of themselves. First, they continue to have their salaries and benefits paid with taxpayer money. Yet they continue to load a bill for emergency relief with things that have nothing to do with Covid-19 relief.

Speaker Pelosi has been granted one of the most powerful positions in the United States. So, she needs to be held accountable for failing to pass this bill after 12 weeks. Both sides agree on the basic elements of the bill, the difference between them is largely in the size and some structural elements. A better leader would have found consensus weeks ago.

If you believe that Pelosi is a good leader then you have to then blame political expediency. When will America wake up and see Pelosi for who she is. Everything she does is for votes and this clearly is an attempt to harm Americans in the hopes that it will be good for her Party in November.

She is a disgrace. Democrats talk about the poor being hurt by the rich, yet she is the de facto leader of that party. Pelosi is worth an estimated $100 million and also enjoys the salary of the House of Representatives. And look at her hometown of San Francisco. It perfectly reflects where she is leading this country. San Francisco is a world class city ruined by drugs, homeless and crime. What has she done for San Francisco to improve the live ability of that city for the middle class? Nothing.

The other side of the aisle can shoulder its share of the blame too. What are the Republicans doing by inserting a new FBI building in an emergency stimulus for small business and the American people? They talk about the middle class and small business while they try to paint obstruction as fiscal responsibility.

It is time America stands up and let these politicians know we have had enough


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