Charles Laverty's personal website and blog

Who is Charles Laverty?

Charlie Laverty is a resident of Southern California and a successful healthcare industry business man, father and grandfather. He currently is focused on Nuzuna Zone Fitness. Which he founded and leads. For more on Charlie please read the site About Me page.

Is this Nuzuna Zone Fitness' Web Site?

No, this is a personal blog and website. All content is copyright 2019 Charles Laverty except where indicated and does not reflect the views or opinions of any other person or any entity. Nuzuna Zone Fitness logo and images are property of the company. You can learn more about Nuzuna on the company website here.

How do I reach Charles Laverty?

Contacting the Nuzuna Zone Fitness offices is probably best. I don't keep up well with Twitter DMs or LinkedIn messages and I recommend against messaging me through this site because it wont guarantee I see it.