Medicare for All is Good for None

While I am glad to see healthcare so high on our national agenda I am not pleased about what I see coming out of the Democratic debates. Medicare for all is the wrong way to address one of our most important national priorities.

Work is needed

As this Bloomberg article points out, strategists understand that the mis-named “Medicare for All” is mainly a PR tool used to get social media shares, applause and donations but it wont help in the general election and has no shot of becoming law.

The longer these candidates proclaim their support, the more pain there will be for them in the election. The pivot away from it is going to be huge or they will see massive losses in 2020 election cycle.

Besides the practical concerns – they wont get support from any of the major industry players and Dems would never get it through the Senate. People simply won’t trust government to take over 18% of our economy like that.

Let’s drop this talk and focus on solutions that can work and we can get behind.

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