Medicare for All would be a $32 Trillion Time Bomb

Arguably the star of the Democratic debates wasn't a candidate it was Medicare for All. BUt for all the platitudes and promises one thing was left out. The cost.

As I point out in my new op-ed it is expected that Medicare for All would cost the US tax payers $32,000,000,000,000. That's what the number $32 trillion looks like.

To achieve the promise, the US government has to replace hundreds of private insurance companies' thousands of plans for 150,000,000 Americans.

Medicare and Medicade are already on shaky ground and need to be shored up before anyone could even be added to it. Candidates understand the risks and challenges, that's why most programs phase it in over 10 years, conveniently long enough that someone getting elected in 2020 and reelected in 2024 would be happily working on their presidential library and memoires.

Medicare for All simply isn't going to happen for these and many more reasons. Read about it here to decide for yourself. .

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