No, The Ukraine Whistleblower Story Is Not Watergate

Getting rid of a presidential opponent it hard and people like quick, simple answers. But there are reasons why the Ukrainian Whistleblower story isn't going to be Trump's Watergate.

We all live in partisan bubbles whether it is the suburbs of Salt Lake City or Brooklyn. So if everyone in your bubble hated Trump yesterday then you need to consider the Red State bubbles to know how far this story will go.

Nixon faced a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate. Not only does Trump have a Republican Senate, but they and many Democrats have already signaled that they have no appetite for a drawn out impeachment proceeding.

Watergate sunk Nixon because the people on his side turned on him. The media were never his allies but his supporters had not bought that they were outright enemies of the president. Also, the mainstream majority, pro-Nixon folks took a long time to care about Watergate.

Nixon valued his inner circle. He has an us-against-the elites mentality. So when his inner circle started to turn on him and show they wouldn't support him he couldn't ignore it.

There was a clear cut crime in it. Burglary, something everyone agrees is a crime. Using presidential power to get a foreign leader to do what you want isn't going to feel so obvious to millions of people.

So, when you are outraged around the water cooler today, just remember that this isn't really going anywhere.



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