Nuzuna Announces New Locations

Students Using the Nuzuna Power System at a Costa Mesa Class

Nuzuna Zone Fitness in Costa Mesa, California, is expanding to a larger facility. Another fitness center in Anaheim is being acquired and we are finalizing plans to develop new fitness centers in Santa Ana, Anaheim, Buena Park and Newport Beach. These are all great signs of progress in our goals to help increase the benefits of exercise, allowing more people to get healthy and stay healthy.

Another concept we are pursuing is the establishment of smaller facilities, Nuzuna Rides, solely devoted to indoor biking.

EMS Coming to Santa Ana, Anaheim, Buena Park and Newport Beach

At Nuzuna Zone Fitness centers, we use electro muscular stimulation (EMS) in combination with various classes and workout styles to offer optimal results. This enables you to train harder in less time. A wealth of research information exists on EMS in different areas of application and its effectiveness.

When you exercise at our fitness centers, you wear a suit with in-built electrodes. This doesn’t stop you from moving freely, thanks to the type of fabric used and lack of cables. The suit is comfortable and stays dry throughout your workout. A lightweight, small box attached to the suit has magnetic heads that conduct low-frequency electric pulses to activate intense muscle contractions.

The strong muscle contractions mimic natural muscle contractions, which occur as a result of interaction between the brain, central nervous system and muscle tissue. However, deeper muscle groups are activated using EMS, increasing core stability and offering better muscle balance throughout the body.

Training at our facilities is done under the guidance of our elite professional trainers. They control the electric pulses that contract your muscles with a control pad. The pad gives them access to different programs, such as massage, endurance, power training, or fat burning. They can adjust training intensity according to your individual fitness goals. You do not feel any pain or discomfort when experiencing intense contractions.

Basically, wearing the Nuzuna EMS suit means trainers are able to choose a program suited individually to you. You will experience less strain on your muscles and joints and less fatigue and mental effort while training. Some of the benefits you will notice are increased muscle strength and quicker muscle building.

Nuzuna’s three new locations will offer more opportunities for members of the general public to experience the benefits of EMS in their workouts. With professional trainers customizing their training for them, they will be able to reach an optimal level of fitness in less time.

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