Nuzuna Hires Former UFC Gyms HR Director

As an entrepreneur you quickly learn that no idea and no technology is strong enough to transform or disrupt a business without great people. People are the secret sauce to every business and every great leader I ever met agreed completely.

That’s why I was thrilled when Ms. Gigi Gan decided to join us in one of our most critical leadership roles. Gigi was the former HR director of the UFC GYM. This was a brand extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship brand. So Gigi understands building a fitness center brand, managing compliance and building culture. She supported 15 gyms and 1500 employees so she also understands how to build teams and attract great talent.

Nuzuna Fitness has grown incredibly fast and we expect to double locations again next year. We have added amazing personal training services, physical therapy, wellness products, corporate and government programs and franchising.

Each of these is like a small business, within a business. All of them build on the Nuzuna brand, electro muscular stimulation products and our shares mission, vision and values. Every day we become more and more an ecosystem of highly synergistic businesses and talented leaders.