The Insurgency In Seattle Is Worse Than You Think

Leaders from all walks of life have bent over backwards to paint themselves as allies of peaceful protestors. In this ‘cancel culture’ world we live in, straying from the dominant viewpoint du jour can result in massive career, and sometimes personal damage. So, it is particularly striking how limited the reaction has been to the outright separatist uprising that is occuring right now in Seattle.

A group of self described separatists have driven out the police from the Capitol Hill section of Seattle. The group has barricaded themselves, declared they are no longer bound by the City and State that surrounds them and set up a system of laws (of sorts) all on their own. They have called this little kingdom of post apocalyptic rule CHAZ – Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

Even worse, Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant is calling for this situation to become permanent. That’s right, a Councilwoman has called for the permanent cessation of a part of her own city.

The Police, unwilling to be seen policing, and the Mayor, unsure of how to do anything without facing dreaded social media condemnation are standing by allowing this to happen. People in this neighborhood and the owners of property within the area, find themselves left entirely on their own and at the mercy of literal mob rule.

Whatever your politics or cultural leanings, we should be able to get behind the notion that we are still a Country. The notion that every disagreement justifies cessationist nonsense is patently un-American. Where does it end? If this is permitted in CHAZ should it be permitted by every other locale that finds itself at odds with the Country as a whole?

CHAZ requires bipartisan condemnation and swift action by Authorities. We (rightly) would never permit this by Communist, White Supremacists or religious extremists groups who have clustered themselves in pockets in the country. If we did, then we could never again believe in the Constitution or the rule of law.

At the very time that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon for why it is urgent that we rip down Confederate statues because they were traitors to our Country, these Elites remain silent on separatists who have declared themselves no longer a part of Seattle or Washington State. Where is the condemnation of these traitors.