The Joy and Challenges of Rapid Growth

Starting a business is a lot like designing a rocket. Once you have your plans you still have to build, fuel and launch it before anything happens. That means a lot of work, cost and time before anyone you get to the really fun parts. That’s where Nuzuna Fitness was in 2018 and the first months of 2019.

But, starting in the spring we had our countdown. We knew we had huge opportunity to redefine fitness, which needs innovation. We know Nuzuna is safe and low impact. And we knew the benefits of the Nuzuna system would extend to everything from physical therapy to cellulite. Most recently, we launched the Nuzuna Wellness and Beauty Products

We built an amazing team. There are too many people to mention but we built a great Board with people like Tom O’Neil. Gary Goltz joined Nuzuna to help with our corporate and government partnerships.

We began opening and developing our Nuzuna Fitness center locations. We got some game changing talent along with the acquisition of some great fitness centers including COO, Aileen Pham’s Spectra Yoga and VP Greg Musterman’s Better Body Bootcamp.

So now things are really taking off and are accelerating upwards. And all that time we spent designing, building and testing our rocket is what allowed us to enjoy this ride.

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